Hello and welcome to Opnax.

We develop and sell innovative solutions for various industries from Access Control, to Health Monitoring and Identity Checking. Our technologies are to further enhance the safety and the convenience of people's lives. The key market areas we provide solutions for are the followings:

  • Automated and Remote Controlled Building Automation
  • Access Control
  • Sensing-based Advertising and Marketing Services
  • Real Time Location Services, and
  • Tracking and Navigating within Buildings

We deliver unique and innovative solutions by creating:

  • Sensing-based Social Media platforms
  • Accurate real-time positioning services of both users and assets
  • Hands-free Access Control Systems with unrivalled security levels, and
  • Secure Identity-Verification Systems for Digital Voucher and Coupon Delivering services and for Mobile Payment providers

Our mission is to bring convenient and easy-to-use solutions to the market by providing new and innovative identification and controlling services. This means that we can offer services for various uses:

  • Track, guide and navigate users within buildings
  • Locate your assets and optimise the way to them within buildings
  • Create and get engaged in user interfaces like Social Media platforms to inform and entertain your users
  • Control Access to areas of buildings
  • Track your employees and collect data to be analysed
  • Control functions of your home or your workplace
  • Create an Intelligent Building or Smart Home environment

Innovation isn't only about features. We provide innovation when it comes to the production costs as well. As part of our mission, we endeavour to beat any quote of any similar system.




Control your lamps wirelessly using your mobile phone by this convenient and economical solution from Opnax. Innovative as you don't have to replace your bulbs with expensive Smart Light Bulbs. And not only your lamps, but anything you want. Easily. Remote control anything you want using your mobile phone. As mobile phones are likely to be at your hands, this product adds extra comfort to your everyday life. Instead, you can either buy our switch that can be operated from your mobile phone, beside the manual operation, or, if you don't want to change your existing light switch, just buy our add-on panel, and call a technician to fit it in for you. Although the installation is very simple, we'd encourage you to turn to an electrician, who'll fit the panel into your existing switch or plug. Both options will deliver the comfort, the security and the reliability you always wanted.


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Access Control Systems


OPNAX Access Control Systems provide a new and innovative communication platform to the access controlling industry. The key benefits of our systems:

  • Multiple user registration at the same time (when the door is held open OPNAX still registers all the entrees)
  • Hands free operation, no fob or tag reading is necessary
  • More secure than any other RFID system on the market
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Fully wireless design (no hard wiring is needed)
  • Most cost effective systems on the market
  • Fully tailored to your business' needs
  • Software


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Building Automation


Imagine if buildings could identify their visitors. Customised services could be provided and the buildings could adapt how to provide their services to the visitors. (Lights, lifts… etc.)
The building could provide customised services for
- an improved user experience
- electricity saving
- accurate information for facility management

Can work with smart phones, tags, and wearables.
Until now, building automation meant that buildings adapted to the changes in the surrounding environment. Opened curtains to let the sun in to help heating up the room, or closed the curtains to keep the sun out to help the air conditioning system cooling down the room. Now they could also adapt to the people attending in the buildings.
Our system can provide the existing building automation systems the accurate user tracking facility further improving the effectiveness of those systems.

Customer arrives to the workplace and Opnax senses their presence. Automatically opens door for them, switches the lights on for them, sends the elevator down. Controls their access within different floors, departments and offices. Controls the ventilation or air conditioning of the relevant office or area of the building.


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Sensing-based Marketing


Relevant and on-time marketing solutions. This is what we do. We deliver your message at the right time, where your product or service is located. Not when the customer is long gone. And at the right place. Again, not when it's too late to engage with the customer.
  • Existing solutions can not identify the customers at the time they arrive. We can.
  • Nor can advise the managers of what is their purchasing history. We can.
  • Neither can engage with them in an innovative, personal, relevant and interactive way, like we can.

Do you want to find a solution that removes irrelevant and inappropriate adverts from the life of your customers? Do you need a communication platform that gives extra value to the customers' life? That serves not only it's purpose of delivering your message but also helps them finding their way within your premises?


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Real Time Location services


Real Time Location Services are designed to bring the advantages of positioning, navigation and tracking to the inside of buildings. Wireless, reliable, and accurate. Whether you need asset locating and tracking, or visitor tracking, OPNAX has got the most advanced and feature enriched solution ready. Locating and monitoring staffs or logging their movements, following and protecting Lone Workers, Collecting Sensing-based data all these within buildings. There's much more loaded into our Systems so why not read further?

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Lone Worker Protection


Protecting the life and wellbeing of the people who we are responsible for, isn't always easy. People who work alone always needed the added level of protection that wasn't available until now. Our wireless technology makes this protection comfortable to the subject, the heart-rate monitor makes it safe and constant, and our safe-guarding system behind all this makes it complete. A proper protecting solution to look after those who are away and alone.


Who to protect and monitor by our protection system? Elderly who cannot look after themselves. Children who are always put out to higher risk. And everyone else who belongs to your responsibility in any way shape or form.


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